Optimizing Xtreme V10: Part 1 – Internal Storage Cleanup Tips

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Optimizing Android Low Storage

Giving less than 140mb ram to users for installing apps on a dual core processor Android smart phone is really a torture, but for sake of selling a budget smart phone, harsh sacrifices are bound to be made. Huawei, Voice, QMobile and other known and unknown brands are making Android 4.2 smart phones with really low ram for really low price. However with relatively good processor these new budget Androids have been proving to be an acceptable devices and attracting people in Pakistan and maybe it is the same situation in other similar countries.

I bought one such smart phone, Voice Xtreme V10 and after installing a few very useful apps system ran out of space. Processor and Android 4.2 are capable to run some of the apps I really needed but the device is literally crippled by Xtremely low amount of ram.

Running out of Space is the most irritating of all the warnings in an smart phone, and I had to find a way to get rid of this problem. I took the challenge to explore ways to organize and optimize my Xtreme V10 and gathered some tips I found useful.

These tips and methods should be helpful for anyone using this same model, or QMobile’s A30 or A34 or any Android smart phone with really low ram. You can use these to optimizing any Android smart phone or tablet to get more space out of the storage and it is all done without Rooting the device.

How do we do it? Very simple; remove the apps you do not need. There are some apps that come with the package and we cannot uninstall them. These apps are different for different devices. We can also remove apps that have equally good web alternates. Facebook, Maps, Emails, Gmail, Navigation and Google Talk (aka Hangout) are some of the example.


Turn Off Auto Application Update in Google Play Store App
Start with turning off all the auto updates from Google Play Store, if you have Wi-Fi or USB Internet connected to your mobile. Follow this process to turn off auto updates. If your Android device is not connected to Internet, you can skip this step.

Start Google Play Store App. In Play Store go to Settings either by the Settings/Options button of your device or the on-screen Settings/Option Menu.

In the Settings, you will spot the “Auto-update apps”. Select and in the box choose “Do not auto-update apps”.

Voice Xtreme V10 Optimizing Android Storage

Come out of Play Store all the way to continue our cleaning.


Storage Cleanup Method
Here is the method we will be using to remove those default apps, I am explaining it once and we will be repeating them again everything we are to remove an app. It is one time task.

In Android Settings, Find “Apps”, go to “All” tab. Locate the app you are to remove or disable.

Note: The apps come with company will show “Disable/Enable” Button, the apps that you installed will display “Uninstall” button.

In App’s detail first Clear Data, then Force Stop the App and Disable it. Notice the space that particular app was taking before and after the process. Use Back button to go back to list of all installed apps.

Voice Xtreme V10 Optimizing Android Storage

Now we will determine which apps we can uninstall/disable to get more space from.


Google Maps
Do you use Google Maps or Navigation very often? If not remove the Maps app. Google’s web based Maps is equally smooth on V10 and alike devices thanks to Android 4.2, improved browser and dual core. Create a shortcut for maps.google.com for easy access to the Maps. Check video of how V10 handle web based Google Maps.


Gmail App/Email App
Do you use Gmail account as your primary email account and you do not have emails on other services such as outlook.com, yahoo.com or live.com? Remove the app Email. Gmail app is good enough.

If you need to set up emails on Gmail account AND any other account too such as Outlook and/or Yahoo, then remove Gmail app. Set your email accounts on Email App.

In emails setting, either in Gmail or Email app, disable downloading attachments on WiFi.

Note 1: If you have larger space, you can keep it open.
Note 2: If you are not keen on getting Email notifications you can remove/disable both Email apps and use web based Gmail.


GTalk/Google Talk/Hangout
Hangout is Google’s chat system previously known as GTalk, If you do not use Hangout you can remove it.

If you use Google Talk and updated the app to Hangover, enable using the same app for SMS too. App will prompt you to switch your SMS to Hangout. After this you can remove SMS app called Messaging.


Facebook Messenger
Since we do not have luxury of internal space, it is good idea to remove/uninstall facebook Messenger App. Facebook App does a good job as an alternate.


Facebook App
If Facebook is not a big thing for you, you can remove Facebook App and use the web version of facebook, which is equally good. The drawbacks are that

  1. you will not get notifications, and this could be a good thing for many users.
  2. you may not get the Share to Facebook option in the Share menu.

Text to Speech
If you see this service under the Apps list, and do not use it, remove it. Disable it. Install something that matters.

Important: Once disabling these apps, you may notice them enable on their own. Whenever you ran out of space error, check these and clear their data.

Install Memory Management App
ES Task Manager App. This app is handy to clear apps running in the background and take memory, eat battery and slow overall performance of your mobile over the time. With a single click you can clear those unwanted leftover active fragments of apps clear and optimize your device performance.

If you are familiar with another memory management app you can install that app instead.

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