Nokia XL or Nokia X2, Which One is Better?

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Nokia X2 better than Nokia XL

Many of you have been wondering which of these Smart phones is better, Nokia XL or Nokia X2. I have used these devices personally and Nokia X2 is in my use and Nokia X before it.

Many users think Nokia XL is better and improved smartphone because of its 5inch large display compare to 4.7inch display of Nokia X2. It is wrong.

In reality, Nokia X2 is much better, improved, faster and powerful Smartphone than Nokia XL. I will list some non-technical items.

Nokia X2 has Android 4.3
– Nokia XL has Android 4.1

Nokia X2 has Nokia X platform 2,
– Nokia XL has Nokia X Platform 1

Nokia X2 has 1gb RAM
– Nokia XL has 768mb RAM

Nokia X2 has 1.2ghz dual-core processor of better class,
– Nokia XL has 1ghz dual core processor of older class

Nokia X2 has Adreno 305 GPU
– Nokia XL has Adreno 203 GPU

Nokia X2 also has two button Navigation, has better Multitask control, has better design and Scratch Resistant Glass protection

Latest version of Android core used in Nokia X2 is faster, it is better in multitasking.

Better processor and powerful GPU helps you play about any game, even the heavier games like GTA. Although you will not be able to install GTA directly due to storage space limit but there are methods to change that.

I hope it will be clear now which is better. Because of all the improvements, Nokia X2 is capable to run more apps and more games than Nokia XL.

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