Nokia X software platform Update to version

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At announcement of Nokia X2, Nokia’s second and probably last generation of Android smart phones, the officials talked about releasing an update for first generation Nokia droids – Nokia X, X+ and XL.

As of today, update for Nokia X in Pakistan rolled out. 119mb long OTA update took about 5 minutes to bring Microsoft specific apps including Maps, OneNote and OutLook. A couple of games and most needed App Switcher.

Nokia X Update

Since Nokia X/XL carries only one button, App Switcher is fixed under pull down menu, next to large Settings icon, which personally I always wanted how it is now.

Nokia X Update Nokia X Update

It is important to remember that the company repeatedly remind us all that this update will not convert the OS to Nokia X software platform 2 due to ^Hardware^. This version is Nokia X software platform 1.2, and it will do enough good things for the device.

Official Nokia Blog “Conversations” also hinted about more updates on the way for Nokia X series.

At this point I would like to add one more thing from my experience with Nokia X. Nokia X came with horrible Internet Browser out of the box. It was slow and users came from featured phones complained about Internet being extremely slow.

A few weeks ago, after an update the browser turned out to be the Best browser (in Nokia X series just to be clear). Whatever they did to it has made it fast and stable. I have been using it as my default browser flawlessly.

p.s. Sorry about the lousy pictures, system refused to take screen shots due to less storage


Nokia X Update

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