Nokia 6 vs Knife, Fire, Blade and Hands… Did it Pass these Durability Tests from Jerry?

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If you love Nokia, and you have a weak heart, then you should not play this video. The treatment this brand new Nokia 6 is about to get will leave you with jaws dropped to floor.

Jerry here put this Shiny Black Nokia 6 under various sharp blades. He tried scratch every corner of the handset including buttons and fingerprint scanner to see if Nokia is using real metal or it is a metallic coating. Spoiler alert, it is pure metal and overall handset cleared durability test with flying colors.

I wish he could use hammer too and do a few drop tests as well but probably next time. Here is what his YouTube description reads,

“It’s time to put Nokias latest creation up against the JerryRigEverything standard durability tests. Will the Nokia name honor the incredible battle tested invincible 3310 phones of the past? Or will Nokia slack off on their newest Android smartphone and let the durability falter? There is literally only one place on YouTube to find the answer.”

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