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LG G6 Full Video Review by PocketNow!

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Personally, I like LG for their design and their camera. I loved bold move they did with G5, a poor execution to be a modular phone yes but they did it. The company didn’t try to visit being modular with G6, instead they introduced a new screen ratio which is gaining everyone’s interest and for all the right reasons.

With G6, they also reduce the bezels of the handset and manage to fit a larger screen into a compact body.

“I’ve spent the last couple of years carrying two phones. The small one has always been my communicator, since large phones can be uncomfortable to handle in one hand, and the large one my media powerhouse, since consuming content is best on a large display…. But what if a company decided to give you one phone that can serve well to do both? It’s time for our full review of the LG G6.

To describe the LG G6 in a word, I think “Versatile” would be the most fit. I mean seriously, what else do you call a product that’s designed to solve specific needs without affecting core experiences?.. And by needs we mean the ability of handling a phone with one hand, all the while being large enough to enjoy a good video.”, description from PocketNow.

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  1. It seems to be great phone. Really concerned about resale thing.

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