Introducing iDroid’s first smartphone in Pakistan BALR X7 for Rs.9,500

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We are at the beginning of 2017. MWC, the largest smartphone show is around the corner and CES already gave us a sweet taste of smartphones to come this year. In times where handsets sporting 3gb of RAM are considered a mid range device, introducing iDroid BALR X7, an Android that carries 1gb of it seems very out of place even for users in Pakistan. But then again, I have been using an smartphone with a gig of memory and I am a happy and satisfied user. I have seen the sales of similar products so I know for fact that handsets with these specs are maybe out of trend but not out of complete use yet.

So! What is iDroid and how is it different from other smartphone brands in Pakistan?

iDroid is US based mobile phone company formed by Pakistanis. After growth of their brand presence in US and Africa, they are now in Pakistan in partnership with Yayvo, an online store by TCS. Together the three brands introduced an impressively affordable iDroid BALR X7 as the first smartphone for Pakistan. Although the price tag of rupees 9,499 for a NEW ‘Designed in US’ smartphone is enough to be an instant head turner but at the same time its specs can raise a few eyebrows too.

The company is aware of that reality and they have set some helpful tricks up their sleeves to be different and I will be talking about those after sharing my brief hands-on experience, which unfortunately I did not get on the video.


Basic Specs of BALR X7

BALR X7 has 5.5 inch display, 1.3ghz quad-core processor, 1gig of RAM and 16gigs of storage. The handset is powered by Android Lollipop. Pair of 8mp and 5mp cameras are available to capture precious moments. 2800 mAh battery said to be sufficient for moderated uses.

We did not get to experience the sound quality but iDroBeast Speakers are to deliver enhanced audio output.

BALR is light weight, sleek and well-finished device. It feels compact and solid in hands. Touch was responsive but there were not many apps installed in the demo units to judge real performance.

Know more about iDroid BALR X7 from official


List of Goodies

A silicon back cover and Nano shield screen protector are part of the package. Consumers can order BALR X7 from Yayvo website and TCS will deliver the handset within 120 minutes (2 hours) in selected cities. Interested buyers can try handsets from any TCS outlet before placing their order.

Users not only have one year guarantee but they also have money back guarantee option too. They can return their new BALR X7 within 7 days and take payment back in full, no question ask!

All of this for Rs. 9,500 and the list is not done yet. The best part is a ‘Rescue’ button within the device.

Luxury brands offer on-demand help service to their executive clients where in case of a problem with their purchase, they can call to a private helpline instantly and find the best way to resolve the issue.

BALR is no where near a luxury product but it is coming with this particular feature. If a user ran into any software based problem with the X7, an expert will response to “Rescue” button to help it fixed.

But what if it is a hardware problem? “72 hours repair and replacement” is the answer. Users will no longer have to wait for weeks to know the status of their broken devices.


My Opinions for iDroid BALR X7

First of all, I am very happy to see a company comes from USA to invest in Pakistan. They are a success story and are very welcomed.

The price is just perfect for BALR X7 and the services iDroid and Yayvo are offering with it. My only objection is 1 gig of ram. I still wish to have at least 2gb of memory to make this phone truly an ideal smartphone for everyone in year 2017.

I will try to get a handset for proper review. Leave a message in the comments if you are looking forward to it.


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