How Nokia X(L) is Good for Emerging Markets!

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Nokia X Durable Budget Android Phone

Nokia X(L) maybe a disappointment for developed countries and among high-end smart phone users across the world but Nokia never intended to target that segment  with their first wave of Android smart phones.

Do not let the words from international tech sites fool you about Nokia X, X+ and XL. In emerging markets such as Pakistan and India where simple mobile phone (aka feature phone) users are moving to smart phones, Nokia budget Androids can set new standards with these.

Currently this market is filled with really low cost, very average built and with not good quality components based Android phones made by local companies through China factories. While some of those brands are doing very well, users are looking for better, more durable options.

On papers Nokia Androids may come with lower specs and higher price than the said competition but I believe a simple side by side comparison will prove Nokia’s superiority. (However I still believe Nokia need to lower the price.)

For example in Pakistan brands like QMobile and Voice have Android phones with up to 1.3 gigahertz dual-core processors under 10,000 Pakistani rupees, starting from Rs. 7,000. Some budget Android phones from HTC are available in same price range with really high quality components and are popular among users.

Nokia is attempting to attract same consumers with 1 gigahertz dual-core processor for Rs 13,000 or more and that doesn’t look like a smart move! Because most of the consumers will not understand that the processor Nokia is using is a superior (and effective) than the processors used in these other brands (excluding HTC). Same goes for the quality of WiFi, call strength, display and quality of camera output.

Camera pixel count is another piece consumers impressed without giving any thought. And in Nokia camera may seems less in mega pixels and camera quality will not close to what we have seen in Lumias but if Nokia is using same camera module as they have in Asha, they will put mentioned brands’ to shame in imaging department anytime.

And we all know how strong Nokia made their phones. Nokia phones are known to take some serious beating to extreme level for a very long time and people trust Nokia to have that quality. How many other brands can we say the same?

Last but not the least is resale value, which personally I never care about but everyone I have met, known or unknown do – they buy mobiles (among other items) based on their resale value. In mobiles Nokia still holds the crown for best resale value.

Other companies are seducing public very successfully through advertisement using famous faces but there is a big chunk of market that is resisting to that temptation. Nokia can easily cash them through their Androids. They just need to price them right and clear their qualities in their advertisements.

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