Go Keyboard, Perfect Android App for Pakistan

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Go Keyboard Perfect for Pakistan

Typing is kind of a big deal for me on any handheld device such as smartphone or tablet. 99% of the posts you see on this website are typed through virtual keyboards. A full on-screen keyboard is a must for me, with the proper cursor keys, quick to get to numbers and punctuation marks and easy to do text selection for cut, copy or paste. Most of the articles are typed on a 7inch screen where virtual typing is not much of an issue but a smaller screen of a phone makes on-screen typing a challenge.

Fortunately Android has a good collection of keyboard apps and Go Keyboard is among the best. Go Keyboard is great for smaller display and perfect for Pakistani users because of supporting Urdu.

Go Keyboard English Perfect for Pakistan

Go Keyboard has number of languages options including Urdu. Go Keyboard is equipped with cursor control keys and with Go Keyboard you can select text using cursor keys very easily.

Go Keyboard Urdu Perfect for Pakistan Go Keyboard Urdu Perfect for Pakistan

Go Keyboard KeyPad layout is also available for anyone who cannot work on full QWERTY. Not only this but the developers made their keypad very smart for users to type as fast as on a QWERTY Keyboard.

In keypad layout you can multiple tap to type your letter or you can swipe up, down, left or right on a key to type quicker. You can also enable the luxury of T9.

Go Keyboard Keypad Perfect for Pakistan

Switching to other languages or between layouts is easy and only two taps or a swipe away.

Go Keyboard Switch Perfect for Pakistan

Dealing with the cursor keys and the selection of text is brilliant in Go Keyboard for smaller screen Androids. A button switches keyboard to cursor keys followed by another button to enable the selection. You will find options to Cut, Copy and Paste in the same layout along with other helpful keys right under your thumb.

And from settings you can enable cursor keys to always display on the main Keyboard so you don’t have to switch layouts.

Go Keyboard Cursor Perfect for Pakistan

Number of frequently used signs and symbols are placed under long press tap on keys.

Go Keyboard even offer swipe typing feature for those who are used to of it. Unfortunately I am not one of them so it didn’t do any good to me.

Under the Settings, you have customization from changing the layouts, themes, size of keys, vibration, sound and languages.

You have options to change the background of your keyboard as well by image of your choice as background.

Go Keyboard Perfect for Pakistan


This entire document is typed on Voice Xtreme V10 using Go Keyboard in Portrait mode, using one hand thumb typing in Note app.

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