Gaming Performance of Voice Xtreme V10 with Pro Pool 2012 for Android

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Voice Xtreme V10 Gaming Pro Pool 2012

I picked this game to test V10 powers due to the people in comments kept asking not to install this game on low-spec Androids, that this game works really well on high spec Android devices. And I planned to do just that – installing this game to a low spec, very cheap Android Phone, on Voice Xtreme V10.

By now, of using Xtreme V10 for a week I know much of the limitations of the device but I wanted to test this one thing. This is not a game demo but I kind of like the game play too. The game Pro Pool 2012 is good and free.

In the video you can see how good V10 is handling Pro Pool 2012 game like a pro. Animation everywhere is smooth. I am not good with the game so don’t count my performance as device’s. Smaller screen however could be one issue but I wanted to see for myself and to show you how V10 can hold onto itself for gaming.

Voice Xtreme V10 Gaming Pro Pool 2012

Shame for having only 256mb ram.

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