Frequently Asked Questions for Nokia X, X+ and XL

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FAQ - Nokia X

We know you have many questions for Nokia X (X+, XL) because Nokia is new to Androids and the changes they did in Android raise many questions. Find answers of most commonly asked questions about Nokia X, X+ and XL at one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Nokia X, X+ and XL

Is Nokia X an Android OS?
– Yes, Nokia X is running on Android OS. Android Open Source Project based on Jellybean 4.1 to be exact.


What is “Nokia X Software Platform” in specs of Nokia X as the OS?
– Nokia is using AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based on Android Jellybean 4.1 with some changes to fit their business module, they named it “Nokia X Software Platform”.


Are Android apps works on Nokia X?
– Yes. Many of the Android apps are working very well on Nokia X.


Are there Android apps available at Nokia Store?
– Yes. Nokia have a separate app store for Android apps and it is very easy for developers to add apps there.


Does Nokia X have Google Play Store?
– No. Nokia X doesn’t have Google Play Store. Users cannot install Google Play Store either, not without rooting/hacking the device.


Does Nokia X support Google apps?
– Nokia X doesn’t support many of the Google apps including Gmail, Blogger.


Does Nokia X support Google Maps?
– Yes, fortunately Google Maps work perfect on Nokia X.


Does Nokia X support Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, WeChat and Instagram?
– Nokia X supports these apps just fine.


I cannot find Whatsapp in Nokia Store!
– Download 1Mobile Store app, install Whatsapp from there.


Why many apps and games don’t work on Nokia X?
– There are two reasons.

1. Nokia decided to keep Google Apps away. Many Google Apps don’t run on Nokia X.
2. Specs of Nokia X are very low, it is entry-level smartphone so apps and games that are big in size or required faster processor, gpu or ram can’t work properly.


Did Nokia need any permission from Google to make Android phones?
– No. Android is free and open source project. Anyone with proper knowledge of working can use it.


Why Nokia did not add Google apps and play store in Nokia X phones?
– Nokia and Microsoft have their own services and Google is one of their biggest competitors. Using their services is a logical step for gaining business.


Is Nokia allowed to use Android at all?
– Of course!


Is Nokia X a java phone?
– No, it’s an Android smart phone.


Is Nokia X a Windows Phone?
– No, it’s an Android smart phone.


Is Nokia X a mix of Asha and Windows Phone?
– No. But Nokia designed the UI or Launcher of Nokia X looks like WindowsPhone and design notification center like a FastLane for same brand image.


I can’t find apps for my Nokia X, what do I do?
– If you cannot find an app in Nokia store, install additional stores from Nokia store such as 1Mobile or Mobogenie,


Does Nokia X multitask?
– Yes, Nokia X multitasks just like any other Android 4.1 smartphone.


How do I switch between applications?
– There are several ways.

1. Long press on back button to get to home screen. Swipe left or right for FastLane. Tap to the app you were to switch.
2. (Tutorial Coming Soon) Install these two apps and setup them according to this guide to enable full multitasking control on Nokia X.


How do I take Screenshot of Nokia X?
– Press Power and Volume Down button together for half a second.

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