FilmIU 5 showcases 9 New Pakistani Short Films at Nueplex

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I sat through back to back nine short films at Nueplex Cinema and no! I was not the only one there, the hall was packed. Seats were full, stairways between seats were occupied and I heard there were some who didn’t make it inside. A clear sign that the 5th FilmIU (which sounds better as Filmi-U), Film Festival by Iqra University off to another successful start, start of a bright career for the filmmakers that is.

FILMIU Nueplex InsideWe were there in support of young filmmakers, the students from Media Sciences division of Iqra University. Among the audiences were teachers, family and friends of the students, journalists from reputable TV channels, star artists from entertainment industry and us, the team of bloggers to bring everything to you good people of internet.

Playing a film to audiences that big in a prestigious cinema like Nueplex, is like a dream come true for any new filmmaker on its own, but ARY added another flavor to the joy by selecting four films to go to their own Film Festival, ARY Film Festival 2.

The Movies

  • Lambi Raat
  • 335139
  • Jassi Pappi da Akhrot
  • Mujhe America Jana Hai
  • Nano Aur Mai
  • Ankahi
  • Charpai
  • Kashmir
  • Fiction

As much as I want to talk about each film individually, I will not, or probably later in some other post if I get to watch the films again on YouTube or Facebook. So to know what each film was about, head over to Asimistan’s blog post ( where they talked exactly about that. Spoiler alerts before you click.

After the screening, prizes were announced. Naturally the energy was high; after-all it was a gathering of some of the most creative force there. I will name the winners later but first let me sum up all these films, without naming them.


Now I may not be an expert when it comes to technical talks of film making but I did pick a thing or two (or maybe a few) over the years and develop a sense of the craft. Having said that, I did not go there to find flaws or criticize the productions. I was there to support and to experience what future of our entertainment industry may look. I enjoy a good movie and a good story so I will share my two words along the line.

While all nine of the short films were good, very meaningful I must say, but most of those felt like work of a same team. And I understand that since the students were trained by the same team of instructors and also because obviously the rules of cinematography. They have checked all the boxes when it comes to cinematography.

To me some films felt dragged longer than they necessarily have too. It could be either to create a drama or lack of writing. A tighter cut might improve the overall impact of those productions.

I truly love some of the close-ups cinematic shots so don’t get me wrong when I say they were often too close and too much, with exception of two that I can remember and to no surprise those two movies picked for the top positions.


All in all, each film was a quality content. I like them. I like some more than others of course. Some of the films were very moving, some were entertaining, some carried a weight from start to end. In short they all find good stories to work on; and I mean the story, not the execution of story.


I believe moving forward in the industry, the artists need to work more on the writing. They have to spot where their product is too slow and learn to detect when something is too much and repetitive. Rules are important but in creative line of work, artists have to break the rules often to create something new, but without compromising the quality and this is an art as well.

The Winners

The best part was award distribution. Probably second most entertaining film Jassi Pappi da Akhrot, which unfortunately did not have a happy ending but ended up coming on top for Best Director of Photography, VFx, Edit, Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography and Best Production Design.

The Best Film Award goes to the most entertaining film Lambi Raat, which also collected awards for the Best Sound and Best Actor.

I don’t know what criteria these two films judge by the jury but making audiences laugh on to their butts was not the one. To me those two productions were the most balanced, technically-talk.


The four films that ARY picked for their film festival are:

  • Nano Aur Mai
  • Jassi Pappi da Akhrot
  • Lambi Raat
  • 335139

Best of luck to them all, hope to see their works in future and really hope to be a part of such memorable events more often. Special thanks to Hamza for organizing some of the best seats and tickets for us.

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