Faster Facebook Post Share Method on SmartPhones and Tablets

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Facebook posts sharing on SmartPhones is not walk in the park. On advanced (read expensive) tablets sharing Facebook posts is better but on cheaper and mostly China-made budget tablets it is not as good. So until Facebook doesn’t push out a proper way to share Facebook posts on smartphones and tablets, here is another method, which works faster then the one I shared earlier.

Earlier when I write about the method of sharing Facebook posts using full Facebook site on mobiles, specially on older Symbian^3 smartphones, many asked if there could be a faster way to do it.

Luckily there is a faster way I frequently use even on my tablet. My basic browser for this second method for faster Facebook post sharing on mobile is same as first, which is Opera Mobile running in Desktop mode.

Let’s start it from very beginning.

Step 1. Install yourself Opera Mobile if you don’t already have it. Install it from your assigned app store or

Step 2. In Opera Mobile, Convert your User Agent from Mobile to Desktop. Find it in Opera Button -> Settings -> Advance -> User Agent -> Desktop

Now pay attention.
Step 3: Open the Facebook site using You may want to bookmark this address or better, add this address to Opera Mobile’s startup screen.

Step 4: You will see Facebook’s mobile site even though your browser is set to desktop site. Now the post or picture you want to share, open it in a new tab. Do it by press and hold the touch on link or picture for a second and a popup will ask you for action. Let the page open.

Step 5: Pay attention. New tab will also open with the post you want to share in mobile Facebook site. Go to address bar, get to the start of the address and replace ‘m.facebook.’ with ‘www.facebook.’

Step 6: You will get your post or picture in full Facebook site from where you can share it using the ‘Share’ link.

This method may look longer to work with but it is faster and it did not take too much of system resources.

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