Facebook Mobile Version sees some Long-due but still Unfinished Changes

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If you are a frequent Facebook mobile user then you must have noticed recent visual ^improvements^. The header’s navigation is better now with one irritation for touch screen users now that the Facebook logo ‘f’ is very small to tap on. The tap area should be wider.

Just now seeing long-due Share option for mobile users is finally here as well. However it appears for attachment based posts and only to share on your personal profile. You will not see Share option to your text-only status and you cannot share posts to group or page from mobile, which is a must-have if you are an admin, and especially if you are a Facebook-based company operator.

Basically Facebook is doing these many changes to make more money but Facebook needs to remember a simple rule to make money aka to do a good business: If Users will be able to Earn through Facebook easily, they will be more comfortable and happily pay.

Developers at Facebook maybe a group of brilliant coders but experiencing Facebook for over a year now on various devices and for various purposes I must say that those guys need hardcore experience of real life routines too.

If they want to make money from their massive social networking establishment then they need to know how real people use their platform for their different uses and in their own way.

I believe Facebook still has potential – still, better than its rivals but only if they put some sense into Facebook. Lately in struggle to make Facebook a profitable business for their shareholders they have been making Facebook a big mess for their users and making us very uncomfortable to be at there.

Facebook needs to improve their mobile version faster than their desktop version. In my observation I think about 40% or so users heavily use Facebook from mobile phones. Forget the Facebook apps, they are in many ways equally useless for those who could give some money back to Facebook aka Facebook-oriented business operators.

The on-going situation is heading in a completely opposite direction and causing troubles for serious users hence causing trouble for themselves.

If anyone close to Facebook reading this, I can help and I am willing to help.

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