Experience of Smart Phones and Tablets from Local Brands

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Buying Local Smart Phone & Tablet Experience

For the first time I dare to buy a smart phone and a tablet from our local brands. Although the source of their products is China and I did buy many China made mobile phones in the past but there was a difference. In buying regular China regular mobile phone the only risk we can have is the build quality. A cheap (literally) Android phone on other hand can be so slow we wouldn’t be able to make call, among other things (personal experience more than once). So it was just natural to avoid a budget China Android phone and never tried one from our local ^manufacturers^.

I had an interesting mix of experience.


With Voice Xtreme V10

The budget Android smart phone Xtreme V10 by Voice under the warranty of a respected name United Mobile died on me the very next day after performing pretty well that I actually liked it (I still do, read the full review).

I submit the report of that problem in Voice official website under the V10’s Review section and it was never published/approved, which means the few reviews you will get to read about any device of Voice are the good ones. All the bad reviews will not be approved so I am not happy to say this but do not believe everything you read up there blindly and do your own research.

Luckily guys at United Mobiles recovered it in matter of hours but it was shocking. If I had data in it, it would all be gone. It is hard for me to trust on this particular device now. It may malfunctioned again, and it did! But it resolve the issue itself after restarting itself a couple of times.


With Dany Genius Tab Q3

Next item is an expensive 7inch, quad-core tablet Genius Tab Q3 from Dany Tech, priced 14,000 Pakistan Rupees as of date of writing. The company is not new and very well respected providing wide range of electronic items. Dany is specially known for their very well made Audio and Visual devices but in Android tablets they are new and I have heard troublesome news regarding their tablets.

I decided to take this calculated risk and pick Q3 model, which refused to charge at all from the start. The people at shop suggested charging the tablet for at least 9 hours the first time. Well it didn’t work.

My experience with Dany Q3 and their service center didn’t go well for a week. Brand new Dany Q3 is in their service shop now. Again the warranty saved me from wasting my money and peace of mind only because I didn’t have data in it at all or else it would have been a nightmare.



I agree that electronic items can malfunction sometimes, or from time to time. And low-priced items coming from China does it more often so my friendly advice for buyers is to make sure the local company/brand you are going to give proper warranty and customer services. Make sure you have got your purchasing receipt and proper dates on Warranty card.

And always keep backups of your important data, camera photos, videos and other personal digital belongings.

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