Downloads apps from Nokia Store passes 16 million a day

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Here is another of surprisingly good news for Nokia fans and Nokia Developers. Nokia Store maybe is not as huge in storing Applications but is one of largest active stores and reaching as high as over 16 million downloads a day. The total number of download from Nokia Store is nail-biting figure of 6 billion apps.

Newly improved low-end Nokia S40 mobile phones aka Asha series is contributing nearly half of these 16 million downloads and the count is growing as new and more improved Asha devices filling the market.
Symbian smartphones maybe not getting too much love from the company publicly but a large Symbian user base spread throughout the world are keeping number of downloads over 7 million a day.

These stats will help understanding developers the growth of Nokia Store and could attract more quality application for either Symbian^3 and java-based S40 platforms.

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