Do We Really Need Large Screens on Our Smartphones?

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Why we need large screen smartphones

Seeing these new mobile phones with huge screens, a simple person must have think once in a while if we really need those big mobile phones? They are getting so big that they no longer fit into regular pockets so why? A straight forward answer is that it is users’ usage.

For example even before using a 7inches display I began to feel the need of larger than 3.5 inches display from regular use of my smartphone. I made up my mind to get a 4 something inches display smartphone as my next to take full advantage from what today’s best handheld technology has to offer.Personally I still want my smartphone to be a pocket device but I think I might let that thought buried under my use of those large displays for my benefits.

And the question remains ‘why’ and ‘why now’.

It is no secret that mobile phones break out to become a lot more than simple calling and texting machines. They evolved more from being the best emailing device too. Benefits of smartphones are countless and these handheld devices are becoming an essential part of our daily life, in business, entertainment and/or personal, for many it is even more.

To utilize smartphones to their full potential and make them really useful for you, you just have to go for the larger screen. From Games, Videos, Browsing, Reading eBooks, enjoying great Photos to typing out official document, email, taking notes or typing out entire article, to finding Location on Maps to God knows what else since there is an app for about just anything; your portal of comfort is a good screen, and big one.

Second question rises now that why screen sizes like 3 or 3.5 inches screen cannot do all this? Well they can, and 3.5 inches screen could be an ideal size if user is looking for a perfect balance between size and visual-comfort, and user is not keen about blogs/news/reading based internet browsing or not much into gaming/heavy typing. If user is into any of that list then he or she will be starting to feel restricted and will start to look more on-screen real estate.

On top of that if user happens to be a tablet owner, then the largest smartphone instantly became small to hold and to look at and naturally that person would want to go for a larger device.

The only problems left to deal with are to carry these large handheld devices for users with average sized pockets and for battery time.

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