Demo Review of MX Player for Android – Best Video Player Ever

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MX Player for Android is possibly the best, simply most perfect free video player I found on Android so far. The videos that I was not be able to play on many other players properly, MX Player handles like a pro. List of MX Player’s qualities are long and some of them are as following:

Gesture Control Navigation: The best part of MX Player is its approach to most frequently used functions through on-screen gesture controls. For example:
Change volume – swipe finger from top to bottom at right half of the screen to decrease or bottom to top to increase the volume
Change Screen’s Brightness – swipe finger top to bottom at left half of the screen
Move Forward and Back by swiping finger left to right

Pinch to Zoom: Yes, you can zoom your video clip in and out using pinch.

Basic Navigation: Tap on the screen and you will find easy to control set of basic navigation. The few players I tried I couldn’t find it comfortable to move back and forth on video’s timeline or to control the subtitles or audio tracks as it is on MX Player.

Resume Video: You can pause your movie or video clip to deal with other things and return to resume your video without putting any extra effort. This function is very important for me because I don’t watch movie in one sitting often, in other players I had to manually search in the timeline to resume watching. Or if I found a Resume feature in other video players, I mostly had to browse the file first to get back to movie. MX Player solves it perfectly.

Basic File Management: A video clip as I finished it and want to remove it, I can do it with MX Player. Renaming was more important and I now have that access too. Before it I had to go to one of file managers.

Tons of other options are given to set player as you want it to behave for example you can keep a video playing in the background.

Explore more yourself by downloading MX Video Player from following link at Google Play store.

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