CoSpax, State-of-the-Art Co-working Space where You will Be Your Own Boss

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Who knows how to design a co-working space suitable for freelancers better than professionals who have been freelancers. Challenges they face, facilities they required in an environment free from unwanted distractions, cool and calm flow of creative vibes that may keep them motivated and focus on task in hands to deliver the result on promised timeframe. Most of them all, reduce the unsaid side-effects of working from home.

After visiting CoSpax and getting to know the people behind the company, I can see that this place is an ideal co-working space for Freelancers and Start-ups in the city.

Situated in Anum Estate Building on a prime location, CoSpax is on probably one of the most known and easily accessed points on Shahra-e-Faisal, the Baloch Colony Bridge.

Inside CoSpax, on 7th floor of Anum Estate Building, there are organized desks for individual who preferred working privately and as well as seats available for those who enjoy combine seating. Separate office rooms are also arranged as well as meeting halls.

Seats are I believe very important part for today’s work routine and provided chairs are comfortable for users. I personally love how entire place was light up. The interior has been well furnished, decorated using modern colors and motivational quotes.

Among provided facilities, there are backup power supply, uninterrupted high speed internet connection, cafe with free supply of tea or coffee, storage, lockers and so on.



CoSpax Center Woworking Desk

The main concept of CoSpax is to build a co-working community within this space where everyone benefits from one another and help each others grow to a better professional through collaboration.

Although the space is ideal for freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneur but I suggest more freelancers should try benefits from this opportunity since working in isolation limited their social progress over the time, and being a fulltime freelancer myself, I know these side-effects very well.

Check their packages; they are affordable compare to the facilities they are providing.

In the video you can watch how the place looks but I will insist to visit and meet the people. It will be a time worth spending and knowing the place better.

Facebook: @CoSpax
Phone: (021) 343 20112


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