Buying Refurbished vs Used Smart Phones and Tablets

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Refurbished Smart Phones Tablets

Recently Pakistan’s smart phones and tablets market have been flooded with used and refurbished products. Maybe this trend is growing on other countries too so I hope the topic might be helpful for them.

To be honest, I didn’t know the differences between two. I thought Refurbished was just a fancy word for Used products, and I wasn’t the only one thinking this. The shopkeepers never explained clearly either.

Very often we meet users having a nightmarish time with refurbished devices only because they didn’t know it and shopkeeper sold a faulty product at higher price.

Refurbished are Used products but they are also the Repaired ones. The faulty handsets that came to market for sale were fixed and put back in market are labelled Refurbished. Those handsets are Not always 100%. Usually there is something somewhere left to be fixed and cause all type of problems.

Refurbished handsets come in cheaper rates than simple used devices.

Used devices that are not repaired are likely to perform better and are slightly costly compare to refurbished ones, but they worth it.

Our friendly advice would be to Avoid buying Refurbished devices. Buy second hand or used devices from your trusted dealers.

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