A TIP for The Blocked YouTube and YouTube Video Makers of Pakistan

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YouTube is block in Pakistan and in a few other countries. Although there are methods to bypass that ban but they comes with side effects in which most commonly is slowing the Internet speed down hence cannot always be in use.

And if you happen to be a regular youtube maker and need to track the progress of your youtube channel and videos or if you want to just take a peek what your subscriptions added but without wanting to watch the videos then there is another better and quick way to do it.

This method is also useful when you are on mobile or on a tablet because the other ‘work arounds’ doesn’t support these mobile devices yet. Or if you are in a place where you cannot install or not allow such activities but you still have to check on progress report of your videos or peek on updates, here is a simplest trick to make it happen.

Use https://www. instead of http://. You will be able to access youtube website and posts. You will be able to do anything other than watching or uploading (or downloading) the videos.

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