Why do I use China Mobiles?

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 China Sony Ericsson X10 I consider myself a heavy smartphone user and not every available smartphone can offer the level of productivity, access and control I required for the things that I do. If so then how come I am so freaking happy with China Mobile phones that cannot offer anything at all regarding my extremely selected mobile uses.Answer is simple, I like to carry different, good looking mobile, and it is more like a show-off thing if you can understand. With China mobiles I can change my outdoor mobile after every 3 or 4 months.I have been using the word ‘outdoor’ mobiles. Thing is if you do not live in Pakistan you do not have to worry much but here, the condition is slightly different. Street crimes are not extreme but somehow they are extreme for expensive mobiles. Carrying an smartphone openly is the least smart idea you can think of if you are student or someone who use public transport often or if you have to interact with people out in the open. So it is a good idea to keep a low end mobile phone at front and keep an expensive one at some place safe for your own sake of safety.
I found China phones are good to deal with phone calls and texting. They are nice in playing back some decent audio too. Built is not too bad and I get to carry super cool real-look-alike handsets. I mean imagine me carrying a shiny brand new N8 in the bus, how cool is that?Besides I can still surf the sites through it, I can check status of my site and I can add some contents using that same WAP browser while traveling. It is not a super cool experience but at least I can utilize my time. I can do emails and other simple messages.I can BlueTooth files here and there, songs or clips or simple sms in the buses is neat P.R approach. For a freelancer it is one of the best ways to spread the words.
All that and bit more in trade of 6,500 Pakistani Rs. not a bad deal I would say and it comes with safety.One of my clients start carrying China phone because he dropped two of his BlackBerries on his construction sites and one was snatched off by some Mr. Brave so he begin to carry one of these as ‘outdoor’ mobile.




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